The age of information technology transfers all spheres of life to digital space. This also applies to business, when entire companies, holdings and corporations introduce innovative solutions in their work instead of obsolete technologies and paperwork. Sometimes it happens that companies do not get the maximum benefit from the implementation of various IT-products. It is possible to make the transition process noticeable with a digital space creation and adoption program that helps choose the optimal software package, as well as adapt the company and its employees to new technical processes.

The demand for such adoption practices is increasing due to objective reasons. For example, employees may devote little time to independent training in working with new tools or even resist innovation. Company employees can also revert to old software or download third-party unlicensed products. Due to this list of possible negative factors, the company’s investment in a licensed package of tools and services does not bring the desired result. Most users in a corporate environment already know how to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Therefore, it is important to understand that the company that implements Office 365 integrates a vast ecosystem that should cover all areas of work: from communication and documentation to cloud services, data storage and working with media content. This means that your usual set of tools will be supplemented with a whole range of services, each performing a separate function, and they will all be interconnected.

To implement such a comprehensive set of tools, specialists and consultants are needed, who will not only provide the technical side of the process, but will also train employees for the most loyal acceptance of such innovations and a successful adoption period.

Crystal, based in Georgia, is the leading organization in the country in the search and integration of financial solutions for business. With partners from SMART business, Crystal launched the technology modernization process by introducing Microsoft Office 365 in their daily work. Documentation, business and everyday communication with colleagues and partners, as well as an advanced approach – all this is the result of digitization, automation of processes and the introduction of high-quality functionality.

More about Crystal’s success story

The SMART business team of experts analyzed the processes of project and team work, task flows, holding meetings, as well as the organization of communication. With the help of the Microsoft Office 365 adoption program, Crystal employees took training courses on working with new scenarios. This contributed to a positive perception of the new approach to work and increased the speed and efficiency of conducting business processes.

Thanks to digitalization, the company started to significantly save on logistics, which used to be carried out between two main offices and fifty branches. The responsiveness among company employees has also grown significantly. The vast majority of them noticed that digital transformation saves time: an average of 45 minutes per day for each person. Crystal experts estimated digitalization-related cost savings of 400 thousand dollars per year. Such a result is possible for those who keep up with the times.

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