• Comprehensive suite of software modules fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX

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  • Scalable is a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner with 28 years of experience implementing ERP solutions for international Manufacturing, Distribution and Commodity Trading companies.

Scalable Solutions

  • Commodities

    Scalable Commodity. Scalable’s Commodity Trading solution provides access to up to date Contract, Logistics and Risk Management information inside Dynamics AX.

  • Manufacturing

    Scalable Manufacturing. Dynamics AX has a rich feature set including for example Lean Manufacturing principals and robust functionality for manufacturing organisations.

  • Distribution

    Scalable Distribution. Scalable’s experience with distribution organizations has helped customers re-evaluate their Supply Chain processes.

  • Retail

    Scalable Retail. An effective system warehouse operations and aligns them with planned Multi-Modal freight movements to keep the Supply Chain in motion.

Complete solution overview

  • Commodity Trading & Procurement

    • Track Contracts through life cycle.
    • Manage and Plan Logistic-Shipping.
    • Risk Management.
    • Futures & Hedging.
  • Customer & Vendor Rebates

    • Rebates by customers, vendor, item.
    • Set and track Rebate time periods.
    • Multiple calculation methods.
    • Reconciliation by budget, net price.
  • Workforce Planning

    • Shift (roster) Manager.
    • Timesheet Manager.
    • Online, real-time Labour Costing.
    • Contract labour management.
    • Integrates to Projects, Enterprise Asset Maintenance (EAM).
  • Transport & Logistics

    • Build loads for delivery routes.
    • Prices, Pick List and Delivery Notes/Manifests by load.
    • User defined transport type, capacity and rates.
    • Vendor Invoice Reconciliation.
    • Carrier charges and agent commissions calculated.
  • Landed Cost

    • Flexible Allocation Methods.
    • Multiple Vendors/Multiple POs per shipment.
    • Attach items to containers and cartons for
      simplified Receiving Process.
    • Shipment status tracking with date.
  • EDI

    • Supports most document types.
    • Translation into local languages.
    • Batch download/upload of documents.
    • Support multiple factory locations.
  • Advanced Production Scheduling

    • Review, adjust production schedules from the Gantt chart.
    • Apply additional sort sequences from within the Gantt chart.
    • Route configurable throughput for alternate work centres.
  • Enterprise Asset Maintenance

    • Track and manage jobs costs.
    • Analyse current maintenance practices.
    • Determine percentage of downtime.
    • Calculate yield loss and loss of revenue.
    • Monitor and manage spare parts carrying costs.
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