Is your business
ready for the future?

Migrating to the cloud isn’t just about
improving scalability and security.
It’s also about improving your financial
resilience by shifting from a traditional
upfront expenditure to a more flexible
pay-as-you-go model.

What are the benefits of cloud migration?


You always control and forecast your
IT infrastructure costs, pay-as-you-go principle
helps switch IT infrastructure maintenance costs
from capital to operating ones.


Your data and services are available at any time, from anywhere in the world and from any device.


Now, the security of your data is guaranteed
by Microsoft. An SLA (Service License Agreement)
is provided: 99.95-99.9% service availability.

Ease of licensing

You always use the latest versions
of Microsoft products.

    Learn about the advantages of migrating
    to Azure for your company

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    With SMART business
    experts, you’ll pass
    the following stages:


    Our Cloud Architects will analyze your existing
    architecture, understand your business needs,
    and perform a TCO Analysis.

    Design and Build

    We’ll design and build a custom cloud
    environment that meets your security, compliance,
    agility, and cost-efficiency requirements.


    Get the keys to a production-ready cloud environment and go live on Azure. Besides, our Cloud Architects will share knowledge and conduct training, as well as provide long-term technical support as needed.

    Microsoft Azure

    is a continuously developing suite of cloud services that helps your organization meet business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, deploy, and manage applications across a vast global network using your favorite tools and platforms.


    compliance offerings–the largest
    portfolio in the industry


    of Fortune 500 companies trust
    their business on Azure


    investment (US dollars) per year in security to protect customers’ data from cyberthreats

    *data from

    What about web application modernization?

    When it comes to public cloud adoption, a common trigger for customers is to modernize their
    applications. Azure covers broad patterns for application modernization such as:

    Lift and shift with
    virtual machines

    Marketplace images
    and solution templates

    Modernize using

    Azure Kubernetes Service
    Azure Red Hat OpenShift

    Fully managed PaaS
    for .NET and Java

    Azure App Service
    Azure Spring Cloud

    Managed databases

    Azure SQL Database | PostgreSQL | MySQL | Cosmos DB


    VS Code | GitHub | Plugins for IntelliJ and Eclipse
    Integration for Maven, Gradle and Jenkins
    At the same time, Modern Application Development practices boost customers’ operations before, during
    and after their modernization journey with Microsoft comprehensive DevOps toolchain.

    Let's modernize with SMART business

    Note: This slide leverages inputs from app mod journey of Microsoft IT. % stats would vary from one customer to another.

    SMART business has been
    a Gold Microsoft Partner for 12 years*

    When migrating your business to the cloud, all factors are taken into account:

    of workloads

    the complexity of existing
    digital assets

    industry or government
    compliance requirements

    * “Gold Partner” implies having Gold Microsoft Competencies.

    Raiffeisen Bank Aval

    The data of the bank’s 2.5 million customers are analyzed in real time by the Azure-based loyalty module. It then determines what, to whom, and when to offer.

    “This comprehensive approach gives us a holistic view of each customer and also helps us personalize and scale our marketing efforts. As a result, the number of customers who agreed to receive marketing messages increased by 15 percent. And we are seeing a 10% monthly increase in participation in loyalty programs without additional advertising”

    — Tetiana Savelko,
       Head of Customer Relations Department

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    We managed to create a platform for communication between doctors and scientists from Ukraine and the world who were ready to share applied discoveries in the treatment of COVID-19.

    The main thing is that we made the process as convenient and accessible as possible for every practicing doctor. Medical workers from the following countries of the world listened to 145 reports: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. The materials of the Medical Congress have become a teaching aid for all interested persons and have been uploaded to be accessed for free.

    — Yuriy Markevych,
       CRM Director of YURiA-PHARM

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    Simplify your infrastructure and data management, as well as improve costs, security, and scalability by moving existing on-premises apps to the cloud.

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