Life Sciences – Microsoft Dynamics business solutions

  • Successful delivery of new products to market and maximizing ROI

    • Optimization of CRM processes
    • Increase sales force productivity
    • Improve product quality
    • Automate and streamline compliance requirements
    • Improve communications with suppliers, scientists, doctors and clients
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  • Areas & Solutions

    • Finance

      • Cash flow forecasting and accounting;
      • Budgeting and automatic distribution of funds to financial responsibility centers.
    • Sales & Marketing

      • Customer relationship management;
      • Automatic and manual customer segmentation;
      • Sales analysis and forecasting;
      • Sales force automation;
      • Marketing activity management;
      • Managing relationship with distributors.
    • Supply Chain

      • Product portfolio management;
      • Inventory management.
    • Human Resources

      • Management of medical representatives;
      • Workforce management;
      • Training management;
      • Automation of HR processes.
    • Information Technology

      • Business processes automation;
      • Management of maintenance and updates.
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