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This Website may contain links to websites supported by other companies. SMART undertakes no liabilities with regard to the accuracy, timeliness, applicability and/or legitimacy of information posted on the websites of third parties. Availability of the third party website link does not mean approval of the information posted on it, just as it does not acknowledge any joint venture, partnership, or any other legal relationship between SMART and the company whose website link is available on this Website of SMART.


This chapter provides information about SMART’s policy that regulates collection and use of your personal data. We may amend this Privacy Policy on a case-by-case basis. Any updates in our Privacy Policy will be posted and made visible in this part of the Website. We recommend reviewing this policy on a regular basis when you visit the Website.

6.1 Information Collected during Your Website Visits

6.1.1 Collection of Personal Data. We may request your name, e-mail address, postal address and zip code, phone number, and company name, depending on the specific purpose your personal data is collected for.

6.1.2 Personal data are collected in the minimum amount and solely in order to allow prompt processing of your request by SMART. In some cases, additional information may be requested, which will allow us to give more relevant response to your request or to submit additional information to you, when you state your desire to get it. Provision of any personal data is voluntary.

6.1.3 No sensitive personal data is collected on the Website.

Sensitive personal data includes information relating to race or ethnic background, political views, sexual preferences, religious or similar convictions, membership in labor unions, physical or mental health, or criminal legal relations.

6.1.4 In order to properly manage and simplify the Website navigation system, we may use cookies (small text files stored in the user’s browser) or web beacons (graphic images used to assess traffic of visitors who received access to a specific web-page) for the collection of aggregate data; in particular, we use Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics). We use cookies in order to: manage our website. Cookies identify individual users when they go to the Website and ensure Website personalization; track information in our systems and determine user categories based on such parameters as address, browser type, and visited pages; and analyze quantity of visits to different Website areas and guarantee that our website is a useful and efficient information source.

The majority of browsers may be set in such a way as to inform you when a cookie is sent to you or to allow its decline. Moreover, your Flash Player may be set in such a way as to enable you decline or delete flash-cookies. When cookies are declined, it typically does not hinder the use of the Website. However, in some cases cookies decline may hinder or have negative impact on the visual display or functioning of the Website, or on its specific areas or properties.

We may use web bugs (see detailed description below) on this Website or during our interaction with you in order to confirm that you received and/or viewed messages. Web bug is generally a one-pixel transparent graphic image (though it may also be visible) placed on a web-page or in an e-mail, allowing to check if a web-page or e-mail has been viewed or received.

During the Website visits we may collect technology information, which per se can not identify you by name. As an example, such information may include your IP (Internet Protocol) address, pages you visit on this Website, other Internet pages you visit, and what browser do you use when browsing the Website. Such technology information is used for the purpose of making assessment and improving efficiency of the Website, helping diagnose problems with our server, administering the website, tracking the source of website traffic, and identifying our users. We may also collect other technology information via this Website, such as the Website browsing activity and preferences also known as demographic and profile data. Currently we do not combine data described herein with your personal data, however we reserve the right to do so.

7.2 Use of Your Personal Data

7.2.1 We will use your personal data for the specific purpose they have been provided, unless you state your desire to receive additional information from SMART in its messages. When making a request for materials or to contact you, you may be offered to receive additional information from us, which is of interest to you.

7.2.2 If you want to cancel your subscription to SMART messages, you can do this at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link available in all messages or by sending a notice to info@smart-it.com

SMART honors your rights and ensures their observance.

7.3 Your Data and Third Parties

7.3.1 We do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute personal data to third parties. In case SMART engages in the transfer of your personal data to Data Processor, this information will be set out in these Terms of Website Use and in the Privacy Policy.

7.3.2 Personal data is not provided to third parties for their own marketing purposes and SMART does not send out information to third parties.

7.3.3 We may disclose, transfer, sell, or assign any of the abovementioned information, including sensitive data, to third parties as a result of or within the scope of preparation for sale, merger, consolidation, changes in management, transfer of significant assets, restructuring, or liquidation of SMART, and you agree to such transfer of information in cases stipulated above.

7.4 Storage of Your Personal Data

Your personal data is stored only for the time necessary to process your request and within a reasonable time period after that for the purpose of our marketing follow-up. After that your information will be deleted. It may also be deleted at any time upon your request.

7.5 Security of Your Personal Data

7.5.1 Generally accepted technical and operational data security requirements have been introduced to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, modification, or destruction. SMART applies data encryption to better protect your data.

7.5.2 We can not guarantee that there are no viruses or malware on the Website. You agree that it is your liability to protect your information technologies and equipment you use to access our Website against such viruses and/or malware.

7.5.3 All employees and executives are bound to keep personal data in strict confidence and only authorized staff has access to such information.

7.6 Reference Links

7.6.1 SMART bears no liability for privacy policies of third party websites, links to which it gives; however, it is recommended to study privacy policies before providing any kind of personal data to such websites.

7.6.2 We can not guarantee that third party websites, links to which we give, have no viruses or malware. You agree that it is liability of such third parties to ensure security of third party websites and protection of your information technologies/equipment against viruses and/or malware on third party websites.

7.7 Access to Personal Data

7.7.1 You may change the personal data you made available to us, as well as delete any such personal data either in full or in part. In order to do that contact us at: info@smart-it.com

7.7.2 SMART undertakes to keep accurate records of your personal data once available. However, ongoing accuracy of your personal data may not be guaranteed without your involvement. If your personal data gets outdated, please contact us to update such information and make it accurate.

7.8 Data Management

Personal data collection and processing outlined herein is controlled by SMART.

7.9 Comments and Questions

In case of any remarks or questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at info@smart-it.com


Should any of these provisions become illegitimate, erroneous, or otherwise unenforceable under the laws of any state or country, where such provisions were supposed to be enforced, then such provision has to be eliminated or removed from these Terms and Conditions to the extent and within the scope of jurisdiction, whereunder such provisions are deemed illegitimate, whereas the rest of provisions remain effective and enforceable.


These Terms and Conditions should be regulated by and construed in accordance with the laws of the European Union pertaining to personal data security and with the laws of Ukraine. Since it is possible to access SMART Website from any country of the world, where laws may differ from Ukrainian laws, by visiting the Website you agree that Ukrainian laws will apply to any matters relating to your use of the Website. Both you and us give consent to exclusive jurisdiction of Ukrainian courts for the resolution of disputes. Nonetheless, we reserve the right on an as-needed basis to initiate enforcement proceedings in any court or in courts of any other country of residence of one of the parties.

Detailed information about personal data is contained in Privacy Policy.