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  • Industry-tailored solution for pharmaceutical and medical companies

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  • Efficient customer relationship management and the development of relevant business processes in the modern pharmaceutical industry are formulated more sharply than in other industries. This is due to the peculiarities of medical representatives work and with the realities of today’s Life Science market sector.

What is Absalon CRM

    • Covering the necessary functionality

      Developed by Swedish company Absalon International on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the solution covers 70-90% of the required functionality for the pharmaceutical companies to meet the challenges of this business segment.

    • Focus on industry specifics

      This industry-tailored CRM-solution is a deliberate tool for the daily work to promote drugs, including especially mobile operation of medical representatives and support all types of mobile devices.

    • Simple integration

      Absalon CRM freely integrates with other systems, and is a convenient database for medical institutions, doctors, pharmacies and other types of organizations in the industry.

    • Successful experience

      More than 10 years of successful development and solution use have proved benefit of a successful combination of advanced functionality for the pharmaceutical companies and the basic abilities of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Key features of Absalon CRM system

    • Maintain a unified database of medical institutions, pharmacies and physicians;
    • Create a system of interaction between the med. representatives and physicians/pharmacists (binding to a specific doctor, scheduling of med. representative, etc.);
    • The calculation of KPI activity of med. representatives on the basis of reports on visits;
    • The calculation of KPI for supervisors on the basis of questionnaires evaluating employees;
    • Marketing information collection tools and subsequent analysis of the market;;
    • Tools for collecting and analyzing data on sales in pharmacies;
    • Tools for preparing promotion cycles for specific product portfolio;
    • Tools for working with references;
    • And many others.
  • Functional coverage and technological advantages:

    • Unified database

      • Doctors and health care facilities;
      • Network, pharmacies and pharmacists;
      • Specialties, potential, loyalty;
      • ЛDecision-makers.
    • The relevance of the data

      • Maintain the history of relations;
      • Change Request;
      • Automatic assignment of categories of customers;
      • Schedules for doctors and pharmacists;
      • Integration with third-party applications (Cedegim).
    • Promotion planning cycle

      • Profiling and segmentation;
      • Targeted drugs;
      • Repeating tasks;
      • Targets;
      • Templates report on visits.
    • Promotion

      • Medical representatives calendars;
      • Planning visits, meetings, seminars, round tables;
      • Reports on visits;
      • Enter data on prescribing;
      • Manage delivery of samples and POS-materials.
    • Control and analysis

      • Operational reporting on promotion;
      • Plan-fact analysis;
      • KPI indicators for med. representatives;
      • «Dual visits»;
      • Analysis of promotion cycle.
    • Event Management

      • The definition of the target audience;
      • Planning for the event organization;
      • The invitation and telephone calls;
      • Participants survey;
      • Budgeting and costs.
    • Advanced scenarios

      • Direct sales management;
      • Clinical trials management;
      • Appeals and claims management;
      • Working with key customers;
      • Merchandising;
      • Project management;
      • Training management;
      • Human resource management;
      • Resource management;
      • Management of potential deals.
    • User-friendly

      • Role configuration interface;
      • The separation of data access by location;
      • Access via an Internet browser;
      • Offline-client MS Outlook;
      • Access from mobile devices.
    • Technology

      • Modern technology platform;
      • Control Panels in real time;
      • Easily adaptable application;
      • Integration with MS Share Point Server;
      • Integration with MS Office.
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