Evaluate your talent acquisition channels

To evaluate talent attraction channels, you need to use talent attraction channels.

Preferably, several ones. In SMART HCM & LMS, there is a Recruiting Channel catalogue that includes all search and recruitment channels with which integration has been implemented and where advertisements are posted. When creating a vacancy in the system, a recruiter selects the resources on which they want to post it.

But how can they choose the most effective resource and be confident in the quality of candidates and the promptness of closing a position?

Traditionally, to post a vacancy on the desired job sites, you need to go to each of them, copy or adapt the description and post it. SMART HCM & LMS makes it possible to do it on one platform, saving time on switching between tabs and documents.

However, posting a vacancy is just the tip of the iceberg called “recruiter’s time”.

Next, they need to monitor each resource and mail for responses, save CVs, create tables with contacts and channels, manually schedule appointments and risk missing something at every stage.

Integration of SMART HCM & LMS with job sites eliminates such risks and saves up to 43% of a recruiter’s time. New responses are automatically recorded in the system, where the candidate’s CV and data are saved, and a responsible employee gets a notification.

How does it help analyze talent attraction channels?

Conversion VS Attraction channel.

Due to the fact that a recruiter records each stage of work with an applicant in the system, it is possible to correlate between the channel and the number of candidates who passed only the initial interview or who received a job offer. You will agree there is a difference if one resource gives 50 responses that are NOT converted into a job offer, and another one provides conversion in 1 job offer per 3 responses.

Vacancy closure rate VS Attraction channel.

The system helps to assess the rate of closing a vacancy for each channel.

Channel VS Channel.

Resources can be compared with each other, and, based on the analysis, you can make a decision in which of them to invest in order to attract a particular specialist.

You might say the quantity can be calculated in Excel. What about quality, though?

Due to the fact that the interface of the Recruiting module enables to specify the vacancy level and category, a recruiter can assess which channel attracts specialists in specific areas: marketing specialists or developers, line employees or managers.

SMART HCM & LMS makes it possible to analyze which resource brings more candidates who successfully pass the probation period or stay longer with the company.

This is possible due to the fact that, after a recruiter puts the required mark in the system, a person’s status changes from “candidate” to “employee” and they are displayed in the “Work with personnel” module. It contains information about, for example, goals and assessment of their achievement.

Thus, the system saves the entire person’s history, from response to a vacancy to dismissal, and all the steps that they take while working in the company. This means that every step, achievement or digitized result of an employee can be correlated with the channel through which they joined the company, and subsequent analysis will help draw conclusions about the resource effectiveness:

  • Achievement of goals: what resource brings the most productive specialists;
  • Mentoring: which channel brings talents who become mentors and share their expertise with new colleagues;
  • Career growth: what resource brings employees who are actively and successfully moving up the career ladder;
  • And any other parameter based on which you want to evaluate job resources.

Many companies rely on newcomers who come to the company following the recommendation of current employees. In the SMART HCM & LMS system, you can register a referrer within the company as a separate resource and build complex mechanics of referral programs for attracting talent.

SMART HCM & LMS makes it possible to analyze the effectiveness of recruitment channels and choose the one that is most likely to help you solve your current request for an employee. Learn more about SMART HCM & LMS!

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