Update Terms and Conditions

  1. SMART business (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) develops and updates the SMART Localization solution (hereinafter referred to as “the Solution”) in accordance with the requirements and limitations defined in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Localization and Translation Licensing Program (PLLP).
  2. On the first workday of each quarter, the Company publishes the Solution updates. Subsequently, the Company reserves the right of changing the frequency of releasing updates.
  3. The Solution updates are provided to the Company’s clients with active subscription on the free-of-charge basis for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central product versions that are at the stage of the basic Microsoft support period. To check the lifecycle of the software product, go to: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search
  4. The client system is updated upon prior mutual approval of the update schedule, as well as scope of works on installing updates on the client systems, including the settings update and system testing, and shall be performed not later than the next update is released. The estimated update release schedule is once in 3 months. Postponing the update for 3 months is possible upon prior mutual approval.
  5. The possibility of updating the system independently by the client is also provided for. To this end, the Company shall provide the updates, including the recommendations on updating settings and scripts for updating data. However, it should be noted, that client modifications of the system may be incompatible with the source code of the received update, and, as a consequence, the update or executed modifications of the system will have to be adjusted.
  6. The Company shall fix the Solution errors on the free-of-charge basis for clients with active subscriptions and those performing regular updates in accordance with c.4.
  7. The Company shall provide a detailed description of the changes in each update and publish it not later than the date of the update release.
  8. Out-of-band updates in the legislation or out-of-band error fixes are provided to the clients regardless of the frequency of update releases.
  9. Updating the Solution in full or its selected functionality for the “old” system versions that are not part of the basic Microsoft support period in accordance with c.3 or with not active subscription shall be performed by the Company with due allowance to the fact that such update will be developed specifically for such client and, as a result, may be provided to such client on a paid basis.
  10. Any deviation from these terms and conditions shall be documented in a form of agreement; otherwise, these terms and conditions apply.