10 steps to effective digital onboarding

Regardless of new workplace trends or the “new normal”, onboarding remains one of the most important steps in talent engagement. At this stage, it is important to help the new person become part of the company and become familiar with its protocols, procedures and culture.

But what can companies do now that we are in the transition from office work to remote work? How can you be sure that newcomers feel fully engaged if they are unable to meet their managers and colleagues face to face?

Here are 10 ways of making the onboarding process more inclusive in this new remote paradigm.



With the Onboarding module of the SMART HCM & LMS solution, you can build an individual employee adaptation plan!


  • Automatically assign an onboarding plan and monitor its progress.
  • Track learning progress.
  • Launch the process of onboarding a new employee before they start work.
  • Provide the opportunity to onboard with Viber, Teams, Facebook, Telegram messengers.
  • Involve in the company’s processes without the participation of an HR manager.
  • Provide access to the list of required tasks during the onboarding period.

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