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SMART business has developed the SMART HCM & LMS solution to automate personnel selection, training and development

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Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to select qualified professionals, and even more difficult to retain them. The last word in working with personnel used to rest with companies, but now the situation is quite the opposite. As a result, according to, over the past year, staff turnover in Ukraine reached 20%, which is 4% higher than the year before and 7% higher than in Europe!

Given the trends, companies that provide possibility of a quick employee onboarding, timely training and development are a step ahead of their competitors.


We’ve got the solution!

In June 2019, SMART business updated product version of SMART HCM & LMS, a comprehensive solution based on Dynamics 365 for effective human capital management. The product enables automating HR processes related to the search, onboarding and development of employees, addresses the challenges of staff retention, attraction and motivation, from the moment they are recruited until the achieved results.

The solution was published on AppSource, an official Microsoft website, complies with Microsoft security standards, and the interface and system performance have been highly praised by the users.

SMART HCM & LMS consists of 8 modules:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Work with employees
  • Event management
  • Remote learning
  • Skill and competence development
  • Gamification
  • Staff appraisal

The system is available in several versions: a web portal, an adaptive interface for mobile devices and chat bots: Telegram, Teams, Viber, Messenger.


How to find a suitable candidate?

SMART HCM & LMS has a wide range of features that help the HR team in recruiting. The solution integrates with job sites (,,, where you can post vacancies and manage them in one interface. Moreover, managing the selection funnel and recording results at each stage make it possible to manage personnel search channels and plan resources for filling vacancies efficiently. The Recruiting module also includes the following:

  • Job offer preparation, automatic message templates for replies and newsletters;
  • Marketing HR activities to attract new job seekers;
  • Maintaining job profiles;
  • Employee contract management;
  • Maintaining employee documentation, keeping the history of communication and activities with the candidate;
  • Candidate assessment and entry testing;
  • Managing search and selection resources, tracking their performance.


How to adapt employees to the corporate culture and support their effective work?

It is in the first weeks and months when an employee forms an impression of the company, the team and the working conditions. Inside the solution, automatic assignment of an onboarding plan for each employee in line with their competences and profession is set up. It is possible to build a whole individual onboarding plan where not only courses are outlined, but also tasks that the employee must perform during the onboarding period. The functionality also includes the following:

  • Accounting for administrative, functional managers and mentors;
  • Creating onboarding plans for job profiles and their automatic assignment;
  • Inclusion of training materials and e-courses, surveys and assessment procedures into the onboarding plan;
  • Remote control of successful completion of the stages;
  • KPI setting by an employee, approval procedure and control of implementation.


Automating continuous learning and development of personnel is easy!

Continuous employee training is not an opportunity, but a necessity for a company’s development. Modules that are aimed at automating learning processes create perfect conditions for increasing professional knowledge, employee involvement and satisfaction. SMART HCM & LMS enables assessing personnel according to their competences required to perform tasks. The functionality also includes the following:

  • Remote learning with access from any device;
  • Automatic progress calculation and display of learning statuses;
  • Fully customizable training with time limits, recording of results and minutes of results;
  • Creation of universal rating scales;
  • Built-in online test designer;
  • Questions database formation;
  • Support for current learning formats: video, audio, SCORM, PDF, YouTube.


Artificial intelligence for smart work with human resources

By collecting information about employees, the HR team gets more capabilities to work with personnel effectively. Its analysis takes a huge amount of time and resources. The artificial intelligence technologies that come to replace outdated algorithms make it possible to quickly process data arrays. Using these technologies in SMART HCM & LMS, companies get the following:

  • Forecasting the risks of dismissal;
  • Analysis of factors affecting the dismissal of employees;
  • Selection of the best employee retention scenario;
  • Automatic distribution of employees by risk zones based on the factors affecting dismissal;
  • Receiving messages from the system: notifications, reminders;


The use of AI technologies increases the personnel management efficiency by 25%.


Chat bots for the system usability

To simplify and optimize work in SMART HCM & LMS, part of the system functionality has been transferred to chat bots. This enables receiving the required information in a user-friendly interface and is perfect for areas where users do not have their own workplaces. The functionality of the system includes the following:

  • Receiving informational messages;
  • Remote learning, testing and surveys completion;
  • Requests for the number of vacation days, payroll lists and other documents;
  • Requests for vacation, sick leave, time off, learning;
  • Support of Telegram, Teams, Viber, Messenger.

Who is SMART HCM & LMS suitable for?

  • Companies with more than 100 employees;
  • Companies that have offices and branches in several cities or countries;
  • Companies with high staff turnover;
  • Companies whose products require special training;
  • Companies that build and automate their HR processes.


Within companies, SMART HCM & LMS will be especially helpful for:

  • HR specialists – to automate all processes of searching candidates and working with staff;
  • T&D (Training and Development) Centers – for on-the-job training;
  • Sales Department – to provide new employees with the necessary product knowledge and build a system for partnership network training with remote control.

Our goal was to create a solution for Ukrainian companies that would cope with their employees’ problems. SMART HCM & LMS automates all the necessary HR processes in a single environment and provides a full cycle of work with personnel – from hiring to developing and improving results. – Says Natalya Onyshchuk, the CEO and co-founder of SMART business. – Our solution was published on the Microsoft AppSource website in January 2018. Now we have modified and improved the system, made it as secure and easy-to-use as possible, as well as carried out a series of communications to meet all the requirements of the companies of the future. We at SMART business are confident that internal processes automation is the key to a company’s success and provide a product that is aimed exactly at that.

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