12 competencies in 10 years: what do Microsoft Gold Competencies mean and why are they important for choosing the right partner

    • In August of 2019 SMART business received its 12th Microsoft Gold Competency, which shows its high level of technical knowledge and employee expertise. At this moment, 12 Competencies are one of the highest numbers among Microsoft partners in Ukraine.

SMART business’ Competencies


What do Microsoft Competencies mean?

Microsoft Gold Competency is the highest award that proves technical expertise in Microsoft’s products and services. It demonstrates outstanding achievements and abilities of the company in providing IT-solutions in one of the specialized fields of business. Every Microsoft partner can receive 19 competencies in 4 categories:

      • App and Infrastructure.
      • Business Applications.
      • Data and AI.
      • Modern Workplace.


For the company that provides services in developing innovative solutions, any Competency proves its ability to provide its clients with high level services in a given field. If, for example, a potential client is aware that the partner has Gold Datacenter Competency they would know the company has certified professionals in creating a digital core and working with Windows Server, while also having several successful projects in the area.


Requirements for Gold Competency

Receiving a Competency is a difficult process that can take up to half a year.

In order to be awarded a Competency, usually, the company needs to meet the following requirements:

      • The Partner must be an active member of the Microsoft partner Network.
      • At least 4 employees must be Microsoft Certified Professionals, which one can get by passing several technical exams at independent certified centers.
      • The company must meet an income threshold in a particular field, for example, in the field of application development. Which also proves a number of successful cases.


Existence or absence of Competencies help the clients to  choose more diligently among Microsoft partners for implementation innovations into their company.

SMART business has existed for more than 10 years, while more than 600 organizations around the world trust its expertise. 12 Microsoft Gold Competencies is a demonstration that the company provides its clients with really quality IT-solutions in many business fields.

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