Success Story: Raiffeisen Bank Aval

  • Ukraine’s Raiffeisen Bank Aval reshapes 2.5 million customers’ experience with Microsoft cloud solutions

    Beginning in October 2005, Raiffeisen Bank Aval (RBA) offers a wide range of standard and up-to-date banking services used by more than 2.5 million customers.

    Recognized as “Best Bank in Central and Eastern Europe” by The Banker for the fifth time in a row, RBA always strives to exceed customer expectations and improve customer service and personal engagement. To empower its 6,500 employees spread across the country, RBA used Microsoft 365 to streamline communication and processes. Then, to deliver a connected multichannel experience for all its clients, the bank used Azure and Dynamics 365 Marketing for its campaign and loyalty management platform.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Banking and Capital Markets
Customer size: Corporate (10,000+ employees)

Customer profile

Ukraine’s third-largest bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval (RBA), has more than 6,500 employees across 400 branches. It was recognized as “Best Bank in Central and Eastern Europe” by The Banker for the fifth time in a row.

Software and services

Dynamics 365 Marketing
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Teams
Power Apps
SharePoint Online

  • Ukraine’s third-largest bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval (RBA), has more than 6,500 employees across 400 branches. With such a scale, it needed a centralized environment for enhanced internal communication and processes. “Raiffeisen Group has strict regulations for working in the cloud, and enabling granular access control, security analytics, and compliance features such as procedures for transaction authorization was a must for us,” explains Petro Voronov, Head of IT Support Department at RBA.


    “We decided to roll out Microsoft 365 back in 2016 because Microsoft solutions’ security features are of the highest level.”

    Author's imagePetro Voronov,Head of IT Support Department

    Effective processes, smooth information flow

    Until 2020 RBA has unified all communications and file management with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. Through automation, collaboration is now easier — and more efficient than ever. “We use [Microsoft] Power Apps for process automation such as internal document approvals, and create tasks using Microsoft Forms, integrated within Teams,” says Oleksii Rybalchenko, Head of IT Governance & Finance Department at RBA.


    “Now our HR team can arrange and conduct remote interviews using these tools.”

    Author's imageOleksii Rybalchenko,Head of IT Governance & Finance Department

    A connected journey for millions of customers

    Before starting to work with SMART business, all marketing campaigns were calculated and launched semi-manually using the SQL query language. However, every month the number of marketing campaigns grew, requiring more and more time to write code.

    The bank also looked into enhancing the whole customer experience journey and strengthening customer relationships. In the past, the bank lacked a full view of each customer’s interactions, which affected the customer experience. To solve this issue, RBA joined forces with Microsoft technology partner SMART business and used the power of Azure and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

    Data on the bank’s 2.5 million customers, both active and inactive, are analyzed in real time by the Azure-based loyalty module. It then defines what to propose to whom and when. And Dynamics 365 works with and manages all communication channels — from emails, to the bank’s mobile app, to the messaging app Viber.

    The following processes are currently taking place in Dynamics 365 Marketing:

    • Segmentation and targeting. Although segments are part of the standard functionality of Dynamic 365 Marketing, SMART business has developed the flexibility to create custom segmentation rules.
    • Marketing campaign management. The capability of choosing target segments, building the logic of the campaign and using various marketing channels for communication.
    • Marketing channels management. In addition to standard communication channels (email, landing pages, event management, marketing activities and LinkedIn campaigns), the capability of communicating with clients via Viber, SMS using the GMSU platform and via email with advanced customization options using the eSputnik platform was implemented.
    • Loyalty module. Based on information about contacts, transactions and data from the Raiffeisen Online application, segments are formed for promotional offers and bonuses. Also, the development of SMART business allows clients to accumulate, store and use bonuses.

    Using the Microsoft Azure platform, the following was implemented:

    • Data mart. It is a combination of static data and fields calculated in Azure, which together create a complete “client data picture”. Due to the large amount of data and update and recalculation operations, these take place in Azure SQL and are then synchronized with Dynamics 365.
    • Processing of loyalty programs based on card transactions in real-time.
    • More than 200 fields calculated in Azure, for example age of contact, its status, date of last communication, definition of communication channel, etc.
    • Source of analytical data. This is the Azure database from which the data is read to be displayed in the Power BI analytic system.



    To increase the speed of operations in the Dynamics 365 Marketing system, the power of the Azure platform was used, as well as the following web applications as integration services:

    • Customer Master Data is a service that accepts information about contacts, accounts, connections between individuals and legal entities. Now the bank has 2.5 million active clients, it takes 1 second to process data updates, and up to 40 requests take about 1 second.
    • Ukrainian Processing Center is a service for receiving transactions, storing information in the database and initiating the bonus accrual process. 28 million transactions occur monthly, with an average of 40 transactions per second, peak load of 70 transactions per second.
    • Raiffeisen Online mobile app is a service for checking and withdrawing balance by bank clients. On average, a request takes 0.5 seconds.

    Thanks to the implementation of Dynamics 365 Marketing using Azure technologies, the bank began to more effectively segment clients and channels for various marketing activities, track the relationship between events/clients, etc., focused on high-quality online reporting for channels and began to quickly respond to events in client’s life.


    “This integrated approach gives us both a 360-degree view of each customer and helps us personalize and orchestrate our marketing activities at scale. As a result, the number of customers that agreed to receive marketing communications has increased by 15 percent. And we’ve seen a 10 percent month-to-month growth in loyalty program involvement without any additional advertising.”

    Author's imageTetiana Savelko,Head of Customer Relationship Management

    According to Natalya Onyshchuk, Managing Partner at SMART business, “A solution with such intricate and comprehensive integrations is quite unique in the banking sector. And all this was done while complying with all the bank’s security and legal requirements and ensuring a quick and smooth transition for the users,” she says.

    The bank is developing the loyalty platform to also engage external partners into the ecosystem. For now, Raiffeisen Bank International is also assessing the Azure-based loyalty module for deployment in other countries of presence.

    To view the history on the Microsoft Customer Stories resource, follow the link.

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