3 Ways You Can Get Started with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate

The creativity of your employees can give your business a competitive edge in challenging times, sparking new ideas and driving growth. But how can you tap into that innovation when employees spend so much time on manual, repetitive tasks, switching constantly between different tools?


The new Power Automate app for Teams makes it more approachable and straightforward than ever to automate routine tasks. A simplified flow designer makes it easy for anyone to get started automating, using thousands of prebuilt templates.


Here are three processes that Power Automate can help streamline in Teams:

Kick off your onboarding.

You can automatically send a welcome message or start your onboarding process any time you add a new member to a team or channel. Just use the «When a new team member is added» trigger and the action will happen automatically.

Simplify approvals.

Use Power Automate to manage the approval of documents or processes across several services, including SharePoint and Dynamics 365. To create an approval workflow, add the «Approvals – Start an approval» action to any flow. For example, you can create document approval flows that approve invoices, work orders, or sales quotations.


You can learn how to create such process step by step at the free hands-on workshop.
During the event you will have an opportunity to create the same flow as speakers do, to adapt flow to your organization’s needs and to get answers and tips in real time.

Save a message or get a reminder.

It’s easy to set up specific, repeatable actions that will automatically apply to any Teams message you choose using the «For a selected message» trigger. For example, you can set up Power Automate to save a message to OneNote (or any other app or location that’s convenient) or create a follow-up reminder with just a few clicks.

Teams all over the world still struggles day-to-day with remote work. They spend so much effort on just staying connected and organized. Using technology to automate repetitive tasks can help people get more done in a new work landscape – and using Teams with Power Automate is a great place to start:

  • use the logic-based building blocks in Power Automate, without writing a single line of code.
  • set triggering events and actions in different apps to perform tasks within their normal workflow.

Power Automate, RPA, and beyond Power Automate works with much more than Teams, too. You just start with a trigger that sets one or more actions in motion, using one of the hundreds of connectors to other apps and data sources – everything from Outlook and SharePoint to Twitter and GitHub.

Imagine: your employees can even use powerful robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities with drag-and-drop simplicity!

Empower your team with Power Automate. Automated workplace isn’t a long-term prospect anymore, but an actual need. To learn more about Power Automate, contact us: sales@smart-it.com or request a demo.

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