Free Microsoft Teams platform for successful teamwork

Our previous article about free use of Teams prompted a lot of questions, so SMART business has decided to describe the conditions of this offer in more detail. 

Is the use of Microsoft Teams during quarantine really free? 

Yes! The free Teams version includes the following: 

  • Unlimited messages in chats, 
  • Online meetings in audio and video formats, 
  • 10 GB of shared file repository for a team and 2 GB for personal use 
  • Real-time document creation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

What is the duration of online meetings? 

Up to 60 minutes in a free Microsoft Teams version. Microsoft has temporarily extended this limitation to 24 hours for the period of pandemics intensification. 

What are the limitations on the number of participants? 

100 people can join a meeting. Microsoft has temporarily extended the limit to 300 participants. 

What benefits does the paid version provide? 

Several Teams features are only available with a paid Microsoft 365 plan. A full-featured, paid Teams version includes the following: 

  • Additional repository from 1 TB per user, 
  • Extended file co-authoring in other Microsoft 365 programs (old name – Office 365), 
  • Extended IT management tools, 
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance. 

Will all data and files be kept when switching from the free to the paid version? 

Yes. Users who purchase Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Basic directly from the free Teams version will not lose any data. Users who need to purchase enterprise Microsoft 365 plans will also be able to keep all information with the help of SMART business, a Microsoft partner. 

Who can use a free Microsoft Teams version? 

Everyone with a corporate or consumer email will be able to register in Teams as early as today.

How to start work in Microsoft Teams? 

Please enter your contact data, and SMART business employees will contact you shortly: 


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