SMART business implemented the electronic document management system in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

SMART business and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine implemented electronic document management system based on Microsoft SharePoint platform for the Ministry with the assistance of USAID.

At the conference, dedicated to the outcomes of the project, Minister for Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych described advantages of the system and managing partner of SMART business Natalya Onyshchuk expressed gratitude to the Minister for fruitful cooperation.

“Today, when we have migrated from paper to electronic documents exchange thanks to the electronic document management system, we can log in the database and see clearly not only when certain document was released, but also how it was passed and altered. We can easily find certain document by a keyword, understand who worked with that document and at which stages. It means the system has become much more effective and transparent. To say nothing about amount of time employees can save using electronic devices, compared to carrying papers. For example, as the Minister I formerly all the time faced piles of papers which I had to sign, but now I can do my job with the help of electronic signature on my tablet, even if I am not in my office”, – Ms. Hrynevych told.

  Thanks to the project of international technical assistance, the following tasks were completed for effective and transparent work of the Ministry:

  • Document management standardization and transparency.
  • Decreasing of manual work.
  • Increasing of staff’s work effectiveness and convenience.
  • Increasing of document management effectiveness.
  • And, as the result, business processes automation.

It was very important project both for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and for SMART business, as it was aimed at implementation of transparent and effective education management in Ukraine with utilization of Microsoft SharePoint technological platform and with application of our 10-year international expertise.

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