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  • SMART business invites Marketing content manager to join its team. We are looking for a person who understands the language of the market and global business trends. Who is interested in “behind the scenes” of a successful HR brand or retailer №1 in the world, what management model Elon Mask uses in his team, or what technologies help Diia scale. We are searching for a person who understands how to build a bridge between everyday office tasks and services that can simplify them. Who is a researcher and ambassador of an innovative future. Person, who seeks to share knowledge and expand its horizons in cooperation with the global vendor Microsoft, joining one of the strongest partners of the corporation – us, the SMART business team.

    Skills required:

    • At least 2 years of experience as a writer/content manager in business, IT, or a related field;
    • Understanding of building business processes;
    • Well developed writing skills and the ability to turn an idea into a meaningful message;
    • Ability to understand the language of the target audience and/or business objectives and adapt the material accordingly;
    • Ability to understand technical information and turn it into an engaging text;
    • Understanding of design trends in media and business;
    • Ability to work with open sources, statistics, research;
    • Knowledge of Microsoft products and services will be a significant advantage;
    • Project management skills;
    • English at the Intermediate level and above will be an advantage.

    Functional duties:

    • Create relevant content that will meet the needs of the target customers of the company and will help to promote the company’s solutions;
    • Writing articles, cases, news feeds for websites, social networks, mailings;
    • Writing press and post-event releases;
    • Form technical specifications for the creation of infographics, roadmaps of the company’s solutions and services;
    • Write a plan for publications and news feeds;
    • Assist in creating and adapting content for websites, product landing pages, marketing materials;
    • Assist in creating messages, slogans;
    • Keep work records and tracking performance results.

    The main idea of our company’s policy is to provide conditions where each employee will be able to find self-fulfillment and gain valuable experience by participating in world-class projects.

    SMART business pays a lot of attention to employee training and development. Online and offline lectures are regularly held on both technical and educational topics.

    Social activities are an integral part of our corporate culture, including corporate events, sports tournaments, team trips around Ukraine and Europe.
    В SMART business encourages reliability, responsibility, a positive attitude to life and creative approach.

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