ECO Manifest

Natural resources are rapidly exhausting, and their preservation is the task for every one of us.

Living in smart houses, using fabric bags instead of polyethylene ones and glass cups instead of paper ones, wearing clothes made of natural materials, and sorting rubbish are not “green hysteria” but the modern lifestyle and caring for the environment.

SMART business firmly follows the eco-friendly direction, as ecological responsibility implies not only reduction of the office wastes, but safe and comfortable work conditions, higher quality of employees’ lives and the company’s brand.

 We say NO to:

  • Disposable plastic dishes;
  • Disposable, non-recyclable paper cups;
  • Simple paper for printing;
  • Irrational printing;
  • Plastic bottles;
  • Unsorted rubbish.

We say YES to:

  • Glass and ceramic dishes;
  • Metal cutlery;
  • Printing on eco-paper, made of recycled wastepaper;
  • Sorting wastes in special containers for further recycling;
  • Green office, with well-projected ventilation system and plants to produce enough oxygen, make working spaces comfortable, improve mood and increase of performance efficiency;
  • Saving resources by utilizing energy saving lamps, sensors of water and light supply in the office;
  • “bike2work” tradition.

Our conscious attitude towards the environment starts from conscious attitude towards ourselves.

Let’s go green!