Success Story: Viasat

  • Broadcasting available to everyone. New CRM system for Viasat

    According to the Geneva-2006 agreement, Ukraine, together with other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, had to switch to the digital standard of terrestrial television broadcasting by the end of 2020. In fact, this meant the shutdown of analog television, depriving a third of the Ukrainian population of the opportunity to watch TV.

One of the solutions was connecting to an official satellite operator.

Another reason why the demand for Viasat’s services increased was that in 2020 the TV signal of Ukrainian channels was encoded for the satellite. And again, this carried certain risks for the owners of satellite dishes: free Ukrainian channels became inaccessible to them.

Viasat has been taking care of Ukrainian leisure since 2008, therefore, in order to meet the demand and improve the service for customers and partners, it was decided to implement a modern CRM system from Microsoft.

It was Dynamics 365 Sales in combination with two portals based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allowed Viasat to fulfill all customer orders for the transition to a new signal type by the end of 2020.

The main type of services provided by the company is selling satellite TV subscriptions. In order to make sales more efficient, SMART business has implemented the Dynamics 365 Sales platform. This allowed Viasat to:

  • Boost team productivity using real-time analytics.
  • Monitor the results of transactions and provide timely feedback to sales managers.
  • Use ready-made Excel templates for quick analysis without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales.

The SMART business team has also developed portals based on Dynamics 365 Sales:

  • Self-service portal for customers. Customers can now place an order for a subscription or hardware from their smartphones and track subscription usage.
  • Portal for dealers. Viasat has an extensive system of dealers who use the portal to better describe the benefits of using satellite TV.

A mobile app for specialists is currently being developed. When a customer request appears in Dynamics 365 Sales, it is forwarded to the specialist who is currently closest to the location. They can either accept or decline the request, and it is then transferred to another specialist for execution. In the application, the executor will be able to record information about the visit and inform the head office about fulfillment of the order.


Country: Ukraine
Industry: satellite television
Customer size: medium (101-500 employees)

Customer profile

Viasat Ukraine is a Ukrainian distributor of satellite television, owned by Vision TV, a joint venture of Strong Media Group (SMG) and the Swedish Modern Times group (MTG).

Software and services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales