SMM Manager

  • SMART business is currently looking for an SMM manager.

    Skills required:

    • At least 2 years of experience as a writer/content manager in IT or related field;
    • Developed writing skills and the ability to turn an idea into a meaningful message;
    • Understanding the language of the audience, the ability to adapt the material to the appropriate target audience and/or business objectives;
    • Understanding design trends in media and business;
    • Ability to understand technical information and turn it into plain, engaging text;
    • Knowledge of Microsoft products and services will be a significant asset;
    • Project management skills;
    • Teamwork experience;
    • English at the Intermediate level and higher.

    Functional duties:

    • Creation of relevant content that will meet the needs of the target clients of the company and help promote solutions;
    • Drawing up articles, cases, news feeds, product digests for the internal portal, sites, social networks, newsletters;
    • PR support for online and offline events organized by the SMART business team or SMART business clients / partners;
    • Collaboration with an internal team of designers, marketers, product managers to create and correctly position the company’s solutions and services;
    • Collaboration with internal and external teams to create content for social networks (banners, infographics, one-pagers, videos, page covers);
    • Assistance in filling and adapting content for websites, product landing pages, marketing materials;
    • Assistance in creating messages, slogans.

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